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The Firearms Exchange will no longer recommend specific firearms training entities, as any recommendation brings with it some level of liability for our business.  Nevertheless, we believe that the use of any firearm should only be done following adequate professional training that is specific for the type of firearm activity you intend to participate in (i.e. – hunting, sport shooting, competition, self-defense, law enforcement, etc.).


Anytime you purchase a new firearm it is extremely important that you study and read the instruction manuals provided with your firearms and then seek out the best training and instruction you can afford.  Be aware that certain activities involving the use of firearms also require that you complete some level of basic firearms training (i.e. – hunting, competition, self-defense and concealed carry of firearms, and law enforcement).  Quality training is the bottom line when it comes to the safe use of firearms for yourself, your loved ones, and the people around you.


I have been a certified and licensed firearms instructor and trainer for over forty years and have taught many students through those years.  I have also been honored to have trained with and taught classes along side some of the best trainers and instructors from the USA and abroad (Civilian, Military, and Law Enforcement).  Unfortunately, during my former professional career, I have also been witness to and have had to investigate several firearms accidents and fatalities involving the unsafe use of firearms.  It can and does happen !!!  Your safety and your lifelong use of firearms must always be based upon adequate training and safe firearm handling practices.


THERE ARE NO BARGAINS – Get the best training you can afford !!!  Always ask for references; check the trainers’ certifications and endorsements; ask about the instructors’ personal training and their experience levels; and ask how long they have been teaching firearms use.




Stay Safe !!! – Dan Miller

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